Most Interesting Topics for Research Papers on Latest Trends

Topics for Research Papers

A research paper is a tool for availing and increasing knowledge in depth about a certain topic. It gives opportunities to explore a specific field of a subject. The main objective of a research paper is to search and obtain new scientific knowledge. A good research paper not only increases your knowledge but is also a great contribution to the field of relevant subjects. For some students choosing a research topic is the most difficult part. They find it problematic to decide what should be their area of research. Many students wrongly assume that choosing the most difficult topic will help them to gain more marks. Success of good research depends on how wisely you have chosen the topic of research. Whilst choosing a research topic one should keep the following points in mind.

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  • Topic should be innovative and fascinating.
  • It should be vibrant.
  • It should be according to your interest.
  • Choose a topic associated with your past experience.
  • Always prefer to pick a topic linked to your current job. For example, if you are working in a bank then you should choose a topic relevant to the banking sector. As it will not only help you to gather data easily but also give you advantage of having in-depth knowledge of working, policies and procedures of the banking sector.
  • Always make a list of your areas on which you have special command and grip, and then search about the latest trends in these areas, list them down, go through them and check about which topic you have more knowledge and then finalize a topic for your research.
  • It is always better to consult an instructor or senior for topic selection and take guidance from them.
  • The title should be concise.
  • It should capture the reader’s attention
  • The title should include keywords to define nature of research paper
  • Evade use of jargon and abbreviations that are very much difficult and may not be acquainted with your reader.

We have gathered some topics for different disciplines based on the latest trends to help you to get a good start with your research paper.

  1.       Psychological effects of lockdown
  2.       How work from home affects productivity and efficiency?
  3.       What effects do online classes have on students’ minds and grades?
  4.       Lack of sleep and its effect on health
  5.       Unemployment – a mental and economical threat
  6.       Fear Pandemic and its consequences
  7.       Social consequences of Hiroshima Bombing
  8.       Causes and effects of Vietnam War
  9.       Antiquity of quarantine
  10.   Political war on Kashmir
  11.   American Elections and International Society
  12.   COVID-19 – a new threat to World Economy
  13.   Effects of COVID – 19 on China’s Economy, its aftereffects and struggle strategies
  14.   Possible causes of Iran and America Conflict and role of Muslim World
  15.   Socio – Psychological study of social distancing and human behavior
  16.   Distance learning and online classes
  17.   Study of influence of online classes on education system
  18.   The effect of tobacco on Immune System
  19.   Women Empowerment and 21st century challenges
  20.   Medical aspects of homeopathic medicines
  21.   Future of vaccination and its development
  22.   Study of immunology and viruses
  23.   Health environment and its impacts on education
  24.   Social relations and social distancing
  25.   Increasing Racism – A seed for extremism
  26.   Long and prevailing effects of oil crisis
  27.   Increasing demand of Artificial Intelligence in Current Scenario
  28.   Are our Health departments ready to battle epidemics?
  29.   Natural epidemic and world economy
  30.   COVID–19 – A disease or Bioweapons
  31.   History of bioweapons and their results on international world
  32.   How pandemics affect small businesses?
  33.   Taxation and its impact on small and medium enterprises
  34.   Institutional study of current governmental strategies on entrepreneurs
  35.   Lockdown – a precautionary measure or a threat to economy
  36.   World Health Organization (WHO) – a puppet or a facilitator
  37.   Online banking – an option or necessity
  38.   5G – a new era of technology
  39.   What’s beyond the information economy?
  40.   Prospect of network externalities
  41.   Study of effects and prospect of Big data
  42.   Causes of Airplane crashes and role of Authorities
  43.   Study of increasing depression due to social media
  44.   The institutional study of emerging businesses
  45.   Kashmir Issue and increasing tension between Pakistan and India
  46.   New battle facades lie in economic sectors.
  47.   New surfs of the feminism and role of our culture.
  48.   Democracy and Illiteracy do not move together.
  49.   Escalating Information Technology; An obscenity or benediction.
  50.   Classrooms select the prospect of the state.

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Research papers are formed after detailed research and examination of results. If the research topic is chosen widely the whole process can be optimized and may require much less effort.